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Redefining the UK’s
fastest-growing airport

The airport experience is one synonymous with complexity. Those charged with operating an airport face multifaceted challenges on a daily basis; for passengers, it’s often the stressful experience that precedes an exciting trip. Looking to improve passenger experience and boost their reputation, London Luton Airport approached us with an interesting question: can an airport become a brand? Our answer was a resounding yes’.


A renewed focus

We collaborated closely with the airport’s senior management team, passengers, airlines, airport-related businesses, and the local council to both understand the challenges and reimagine the passenger experience. Simplicity with a smile’ became a guiding principle in realising the subsequent physical and digital experience. Most importantly, it put passengers at the heart of the rebrand, with the promise to make the airport experience easier and more enjoyable.


Iconic and future focused

We developed an iconic brand marque worthy of a contemporary, international airport, and a flexible visual system that transcended language and is recognisable to all. It was designed to work digitally and physically, in both static and kinetic forms, whilst always retaining clarity. As part of the visual and verbal language, we developed bespoke iconography and a typeface in partnership with Atipo, as well as crafting a tone of voice that had the flexibility to speak to passengers and key stakeholders.

ico have been an integral extension to our team. They have challenged us every step of the way to reinvent the airport


A transformative effect

As the rebrand was rolled out, we were tasked with communicating the airport’s transformation on multiple levels. Three kilometres of walkway in Arrivals and Departures was transformed into a large-scale street photography installation celebrating both London and European destinations. A new mobile first website was developed to make finding flights and parking simple for passengers, and a physical and digital ad campaign playfully informed passengers of what the new airport would offer.


The journey continues

The new terminal opened in November 2018 but work continues to transform the airport. We have helped the LLA team lobby for faster trains with an exhibition at the Houses of Parliament; worked alongside architects to help develop a new MPT (Mass Passenger Transit); and collaborated with wayfinding experts to create a modern and coherent system that will run throughout the airport. We continue as brand guardians to help LLA deliver on its brand vision.


Passengers in 2019


Destinations across Europe, Africa and Asia


Pounds invested to redevelop the airport terminal

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The new brand has galvanised the business, and will help it grow and become a commercial success

Nick Barton, CEO