Set tails to wag

Did you know that if all the pets in the US got together and formed a sovereign nation, it would rank 5th in the world for global meat consumption? This is what inspired Grub Club to create their insect-based, eco-friendly dog treats. In an increasingly crowded petcare market, they approached us to help strategically position the brand and create a visual and verbal identity which would appeal to British pet parents and their pooches.

With insect-based protein a potential solution to the planet’s food crisis, the challenge was to create a brand which educated pet owners on the nutritional and environmental benefits of insect protein while appearing fun, upbeat and energetic.


Barking up the right tree

Our pets are part of the family and, with millennials becoming the dominant pet-owning generation, we’re more interested in our furry friends’ diets than ever before. Research showed that many of the traditional mystery-meat dog foods were no longer appealing to consumers due to having unhealthy ingredients that could be potentially allergenic. With insect-based protein becoming increasingly known as a sustainable and nutritional superfood, it was high time to redefine the dog’s dinner.

Brand Expression

Devastatingly cute

Insect-based protein isn’t just highly nutritional, it’s also radically sustainable and uses a fraction of the resources of traditional livestock farming. To emphasise this, we created a unique Tone of Voice that took inspiration from the personality traits we often value in our pets – individualism, enthusiasm, and endless energy (except when napping). This meant the messaging could be bold and purpose-led as well as fun, accessible, and — above all — relatable.

Across the website and packaging we used bright, contrasting colours inspired by the vitality provided from the high-protein/high-nutrient treats. The photography sought to capture the real-life idiosyncrasies that dogs love to exhibit, adding character and humour.

AbsoluteIy loved working with the ico team. We were guided through the process with honesty and clarity, and felt like our feedback was always well received.