Adventures in botanics

Drew Martin are reshaping contemporary cannabis culture in the US. All about good times and that sun-drenched LA chic, their signature product – a botanically blended low-dose cannabis pre-roll – was an industry first. The challenge was to help define a brand which would directly challenge the male stoner stereotype and appeal to a new, emerging audience of affluent female cannabis consumers.


An inspirational founder and nomadic dreamer

The concept of a nomadic dreamer” provided the strategic foundation, inspired by the founder’s status as a rogue, well-travelled botanist. Cannabis has become a social ritual, consumed among friends who are more concerned with enjoyment and experience than they are about getting high. This social element was key: with an industry preoccupied with potency, Drew Martin could stand for something much more meaningful, accessible, and experiential.


Brand Expression

A vibrant visual world
of escapism

We borrowed visual and verbal cues from herbalism and botany, combining them with an aesthetic more associated with fashion or fragrance. Not only did this strategically elevate and differentiate the product, but also united the sensory experience of consuming cannabis with the wider aesthetic and attitude of the brand.


Creating good vibes and a sense of occasion

In collaboration with Univers Labs, we created a mobile-first eCommerce site which feels highly curated and artfully elaborate. Packaging design – a collab with Stranger and Stranger – incorporated an innovative display solution and dream-like illustrations. Photography and copy tapped into the heart of the youthful SoCal, Coachella-loving lifestyle. The best experiences are shared ones; Drew Martin launched with exclusive online​’smoke-ins’, allowing this communal ritual to be enjoyed (almost) as nature intended..

Ca times 2
Ca times 1

We love working with the guys at ico. They took our vision and what we had, gave it more depth and relevance. That’s why we continue working with them. Awesome.


retail locations in 1 year


Marquee accounts in 12 months


A-list celebrity endorsements

16 Frame 74

In ico we found creative partners who took the time to understand the personal stories behind our products and to contextualize them within the broader market, crafting authentic identities for each brand.

Nicholas Pritzker, Co-founder