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After previously owning a successful café in Shrewsbury market, our client had the ambition to develop a new high street chain. Together we defined a concept that would position the restaurant as Shrewsbury’s first urban eatery appealing to a growing population of students, young families and tourists.

The offer is simple; daytime consists of fresh bagels, open sandwiches and coffee, with an evening menu of sourdough pizza, craft beer, wine, and cocktails. On a limited budget we collaborated with interior architects Gundry & Ducker whilst developing a name, bold visual aesthetic, tone of voice and a series of playful characters illustrated by Joe Baglow. Collectively these assets were hand-painted and fly-posted to the exterior and within the restaurant and applied to menus, wine and beer labels, the website and social media.

The result is a playful, contemporary brand that perfectly fits the mood, food and service.

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