Creating a diverse, disruptive house of beauty brands

Unconventional, charismatic and headstrong – that was Brandon Truaxe, the maverick entrepreneur and CEO of Deciem. We collaborated with Brandon to realise his vision of creating a different kind of beauty company – one that was nimble, innovative and would define future trends rather than following them. Within 4 years of working together, we’d taken 7 innovative, disruptive beauty brands to market all under the Deciem umbrella.


An industrious, rapid-response ideas lab

Design is an essential tool for anyone looking to realise concepts rapidly, and with the beauty market demanding more than innovative product offerings, Deciem needed a stable of scalable brands which would resonate with retailers and consumers alike. These brands, including Fountain, Ab Crew, Avestan, Inhibitif and Niod were huge success stories for Deciem. Inhibitif became one of Boots’ fastest-selling products, Fountain launched into Selfridges amid much fanfare, and Avestan showed how the founder’s vision could translate from experience to product to store.


A journey
into the unfamiliar

Avestan became Deciem’s only dedicated fragrance brand. An intensely personal project for Brandon, the fragrances were inspired by incidental moments and journeys. We crafted a brand narrative and artistic visual language that could express the subtleties of the collections. The Avestan store at 73 Beak Street, London is deliberately stripped back and raw to communicate the experiential spirit of the brand.

AB Crew

Discerning fitness meets male grooming

Ab Crew is a lifestyle brand aimed at body-conscious gym-goers which combines high-performance fitness products with body care and grooming. A stylish, stripped-back aesthetic echoes US collegiate fitness heritage and gives the products instant stand-out appeal. Art-directed imagery of renowned fitness model Lazar Angelov celebrates the sculptural quality of the male body and forms the basis of on-going advertising.


The intersection of 
medicine and beauty

Fountain was one of the UK’s first nutraceutical drinks, offering health and beauty nutrients in water-soluble solutions. Targeting an affluent female audience, the name evokes the age-defying benefits of the product, and packaging reflects the scientific developments that are at the heart of the brand. The brand launched in Selfridges alongside a targeted ad campaign.


Valuation after Estée Lauder investment


Stores stocking Deciem products


Brands launched in three years

Deciem Stats

ico’s creativity and ability to think out of the box paved the way to launching our early brands and built the very foundations of Deciem.