From a brush to one of the fastest-growing US subscription brands

It began with a sleek supersonic toothbrush, more effective, yet less expensive than its rivals. It’s now an unstoppable oral care brand boasting a kids range, probiotics and more products in the pipeline. As brand partners, we’ve been on the journey together, uniting an army of consumers and dental professionals along the way.

Strategic Direction

Feeling Supersonic

As a challenger brand that aims to make the finest oral care available to everyone, BURST’s energy, irreverence and optimism is perfectly encapsulated in the strategic ethos​‘feeling supersonic’. A bold rallying cry in a staid, over-priced industry, this ethos underpins the brand personality, BURST’s irreverent tone of voice, and imagery such as Warm & Fuzzy’s playful animations of the kids’ range.


Energetic. Enthusiastic. Evangelistic.

A devoted tribe of dental professionals made it their mission to ensure there’s a BURST brush in every bathroom, from Boston to LA. We helped them launch their own TV channel to spread the word, designed merch and an app that allowed this connected community to grow autonomously. Over successive years, BURSTcon has brought the tribe together in New Orleans and Savannah.


A golden opportunity

We collaborated with the BURST team to launch their rose gold brush, a product aimed at a savvy, beauty-conscious audience. Khloe Kardashian helped put a little heat under the campaign… and three million views later, demand for the brush is still sky-high.



Rather than hide it away, we chose to embrace and amplify customers’ own content — dropping reviews and unboxing videos onto the BURST homepage to give a voice to the many satisfied customers. Even Chrissy Teigen got involved!


Data informs design

As BURST grew in popularity, we developed aspects of the website to respond to audience behaviours. An ongoing observation and understanding of analytics led to a mobile-first site, improved check-out flows, and marketing campaigns that helped sales to rocket.


views of the Rose Gold launch on Instagram


dental professionals signed up as BURST Ambassadors


products launched in 4 years

Burst stats

Partnering with ico turned BURST from a great product into a powerful, valuable brand; we couldn’t have done it without them.

Brittany Stewart, Co-founder and COO