A blank slate for the beauty industry

Driven by revolutionary technology that allows users to create their own nail colours from photos or swatches, Blank is taking power out of the pockets of the beauty industry and putting it back into (and onto) the hands of the people. Our task was to create a brand that could rewrite the beauty rule book and appeal to a new generation of digitally-savvy beauty consumers.


Liberating the unconventional

Why are people in boardrooms still deciding what shades people should wear? By using a brand idea of liberate the unconventional”, we positioned Blank as a peer-to-peer beauty experience that bypasses traditional beauty industry norms and allows users to set their own trends. The result is a place where creativity and self expression can thrive.


An individual collective

We developed a visual and verbal identity that would mirror the creativity of Blank’s users. An empowering, evocative tone of voice celebrates individuality, and – to reinforce the idea of personalisation, glitchy typography and a neutral brand palette provide the foundation for the use of bolder colours that respond to the colour selections of the users themselves. The digital experience allows users to create their own bespoke colors, formulations and collections that can then be shared with others. We created a journey that was able to facilitate this high level of individual customisation whilst also helping users feel like part of a wider creative community – shaping their own trends as well as discovering new ones.


Re-writing the beauty rule book

Blank came to use with a game-changing product innovation for the cosmetics industry – a machine (called Huey) that could print bespoke beauty products like nail polish, foundation, and eye liner. We helped them grow from a concept into a digital-first consumer-facing brand , with interest from the industry’s major players looking to partner and collaborate.

ico is so damned good that their early wireframes look like the final deliverables of other design companies. Their team and talent is unmatched, and it feels like every contributor is a part of our company 🚀