Positioning a true thought leader

Arca Blanca are a highly-accomplished integrated consultancy and data company. As a small collective of business’s most pioneering and innovative problem solvers, they asked if we could find a simple yet compelling solution to a complex dilemma: deciphering and communicating their significant difference in a crowded, highly-competitive sector.


Embracing the future

From household names to cutting-edge startups, Arca Blanca’s clients all operate in an uncertain, rapidly-changing business landscape. By carefully understanding Arca Blanca’s methodologies, we saw how their creativity, commercial acumen and data-driven approach could form an emotive, future-focused proposition around which to focus the brand: Experts in Uncertainty.

We’re a team of six senior partners, all with strong opinions. ico helped us understand our difference, unify us and give us the unexpected.


Simplifying complexity

In positioning Arca Blanca as thought leaders, we deliberately avoided the complex jargon and visual clichés so often found within the consultancy industry. We took inspiration from how editorial heavy-weights such as The Economist and New York Times use illustration to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way. This balance between gravitas and playfulness percolated its way down through the brand’s entire visual and verbal identity.


A smart yet empathetic tone

Arca Blanca’s use of data and proprietary technologies, whilst being hugely innovative, needed to be easily understood. We developed an adaptable tone of voice that could be smart and assertive in headlines, but empathetic and straight-talking when going into detail.


Striking a chord

The rebrand has unified all partners under a common brand narrative, and, upon launch, Arca Blanca were highly commended for Best New Consultancy at the MCA Awards 2020. They were also named as finalists for their projects at McCarthy & Stone, Ocado and Vision-Box.

Consultancy at this level is a complex business, it’s easy to fall into industry conventions. ico took us out of our comfort zone and showed us how and why we needed to do things differently.

Chris Wakerley MBE, Chairman