Mix it, fix it – fashion your way

KBAM Brand
Taking its name from the initials of its two founders, KBAM is a fashion label that actively encourages customisation of its clothes. A range of accessories – badges, collars, hoods and cuffs – can be applied to their core collection of jackets and coats, making each item unique to the wearer.

Central to the brand is an understated, contemporary marque, which hints at the idea of addition – KBAM's driving concept. To further emphasize the bricolage nature of KBAM, we created a strapline: 'fix de mode'. With the first collection launching at a trunk show at London Fashion Week, a series of assets were developed to showcase their clothes. Some, such as hangers need longevity and were consciously chosen to be monochrome; others follow the theme and attitude of the first collection – 'Space Matters' – using from cosmic imagery and bright pop colours.